Finissage "The Two Halves of Martha Wilson´s Brain"

5.00pm guided tour with Sissi Makovec


The Two Halves of Martha Wilson’s Brain exemplifies how productive the subversive approaches of the performance artist were and are. Her artistic works evolved parallel to supporting and collaborating with other female artists. With Franklin Furnace as a platform, this bred a viable network for feminist, societal, and aesthetic issues over the course of the past four decades.

“Select documents from the archive correlate with a representative cross-section of the artist’s oeuvre, which can certainly be read as a sublime cartography of the history of feminist performance art,” says curator Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein. Martha Wilson’s artistic work, which she has continuously pursued since the 1970s, is marked by a dissecting, humorous-serious investigation into gender roles, which manifested in satirical performances, photo series, and films.


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