H13 2018: Otto Krause und Milan Loviška

Performance and prize-giving: 06 09 2018

Duration: FRI 07 09 - SAT 15 09 2018


Greeting: Christiane Krejs

Prize-giving: Landesrat Martin Eichtinger

Live-Act: Tony Renaissance

DJane: Joie de Fill

7.00pm Performance "Furrious" from Otto Krause und Milan Loviška.


The H13 jury has made their decision: Milan Loviška and Otto Krause are the winners of the H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance 2018. Fur and plush are at the heart of their performance Furrious. The artists’ both topical yet irritating project convinced the H13 jury as its “performative investigations generate strong sociopolitical statements, which are marked by an unmistakable artistic aesthetic.”

In Furrious the artists focus on the cuteness of fur but also its abysmal quality in the age of modern media. Krause and Loviška’s approach is curious and investigative, infused with a dose of self-reflection, which they also encourage from the audience.

The H13 is the only performance prize of its kind in Austria and has been awarded by the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich since 2006. The performance and festive H13 award ceremony will take place on September 6, 2018 at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna.


The performance Furrious consists of different furrified and plushified zones scattered throughout the Kunstraum, which the artists visit for their various acts. The artists “walk the physical, spiritual, psychological, and sexual borders between human and creature through the phenomenon of infantilisation”. Cute, menacing, and with an immense symbolic effect to this day, all forms of creature-becoming bear a cosmos of possibilities, which the artists unravel between pop culture, politics, and science.



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