Finissage Magic Circle with Ulrike Rosenbach

Finissage Magic Circle with Ulrike Rosenbach


TUE 15 05 2018

6.00 PM Guided tour with the curators
7.00 PM Lecture Ulrike Rosenbach (media artist, professor for New Artistic Media)
subsequent: DJ-Set Alexandra von Doom / Therese Terror (Menophilias) 


Special guest at the Kunstraum: Ulrike Rosenbach, a pioneer of performance and video art. On the occasion of the finissage of the exhibition Magic Circle and as part of our 10-year performance jubilee, the documenta participant (1977 and 1987) will provide insights into her creative work from the beginnings in the 1970s up to today.

Ever since Ulrike Rosenbach has been an outspoken advocate of equal rights for female artists in the international art industry. Already in 1969, when she was a student of Joseph Beuys at the Academy of Arts in Dusseldorf, she founded an artists group with ties to the American Women's Liberation scene. In 1970 Lucy Lippard invited her to 1000 miles from here, the first major exhibition to feature female artists exclusively.

Ulrike Rosenbach is the first chairwoman of GEDOK, the oldest and largest interdisciplinary network for female artists in Europe. She was a teacher of new artistic media at the HBKsaar university of art and design and has lectured at renowned European and American cultural institutions such as California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Los Angeles. With her focus on performance and body art, her teaching is one-of-a-kind and has been highly influential for future generations of female artists.

Ulrike Rosenbach is a jury member for this year’s H13 Lower Austria Prize for Performance, together with Peter Fritzenwallner, Christiane Krejs, and Sissi Makovec.


Prior to her lecture, curators Katharina Brandl and Daniela Brugger will make a guided tour through the current exhibition Magic Circle. Afterwards, there will be a DJ set with Therese Terror and Alexandra Von Doom in the courtyard of Palais Niederösterreich.

Curated by:  Katharina Brandl und Daniela Brugger
Artists: Johanna Braun (AT), Veronika Burger (AT), Veronika Eberhart (AT), Karin Ferrari (IT/AT), Roxanne Jackson (US), Robin J. Kang (US), Ariane Koch (CH) und Sarina Scheidegger (CH), Chantal Küng (CH) und Mara Züst (CH), Katja Lell (RU) und Laura Nitsch (DE/AT), Tabita Rezaire (FR), Linda Stupart (ZA), Suzanne Treister (UK)


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