Performatorium #004

Laboratory for a Contemporary Performative Practice


With the Performatorium # 004 we start easy into the last Saturday of January: Please everybody bring a little “warm-up exercise” (1-3 min.)! An exercise you especially liked from a training, an aerobic or drawing lesson. Or something self-developed... Pleasant for freedom of movement is as always comfortable clothing.


In a discursive part this time Günter Fischer puts his working methods into the center of our discussion. After many years as a doctor, he devoted his attention to the human body from a different perspective. In his artistic practice, he deals with alternative medical approaches such as the healing power of art or "painting" in nature and autologous blood as a medium of active peace building. Günter intents to discuss his projects also in reference to working methods of eg. Jenny Holzer, Regina José Galindo or Hermann Nitsch.


As always, you are welcome to bring interested friends! And also ideas for future meetings! We look forward to all those who want to spend the Performatorium #004 with us!




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