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Opening: FR, June 3, 2022, 7:00 pm
Duration: SA, June 4 – SA, July 30, 2022
Artists: Stine Deja, Monika Grabuschnigg, Eva Papamargariti, Louise Sparre, Rowdy SS
Guest Curator: Frederike Sperling


“[I]n order to reimagine the body, one must reimagine space. Revolutionary change manifests through a reconsideration of the spatial, in negotiation of spatial limitations and identification of how to overturn, dissolve, break through these boundaries. Therefore, deterritorialization of the body requires a departure from the heaviness of space, with the realization, instead, that physical form is dynamic.”

– Legacy Russell, Glitch Feminism. A Manifesto, 2020


Physical space weighs heavy. Marking the contours of worlds and imaginaries, it corners bodies, assigns them their places, and every now and then, makes them feel suffocated. Physical space writhes in its relationship with the digital, wrestles with its increasingly porous authority as a stage for legibility, as a legitimation surface for everything corporeal. Bodies break out of it in droves, manifesting themselves as hybrid, cosmic forms.

Against the background of the post-digital condition, which banalizes the confines between analogue and digital space and demands novel locationabilities of corporeality, the group exhibition LIMINAL SPACE RECORDS seeks to renegotiate the relationship between body and space. Building on the manifesto Glitch Feminism (2020) by author and curator Legacy Russell, the show traces “light spatiality” and invites artists to performatively occupy Kunstraum Niederoesterreich as a symbol of “spatial heaviness”. Shaking the Palais Niederoesterreich in its historical chargedness and its architectural monstrosity, LIMINAL SPACE RECORDS aims to inscribe emancipatory visions of corporeality into its stone membranes. Would it be possible to think of space as the result of corporeality or even as its continuum? And how can one make physical form perceivable as a more dynamic and temporary formation (Russell)? What does light space feel like?

The global health crisis has forced large parts of the world population to experience and define their bodies solely in reference to closed indoor space. Public space (in the open) transformed into a hyperregulated contamination zone. The digital has thereby occasionally offered new, virtual mobilities and welcome “changes of scenery”. The exhibition LIMINAL SPACE RECORDS strives to deterritorialize spatiality and thus corporeality, to shed light on it as a fluid and flexible formation. This seems especially urgent in times when techno-optimistic infrastructures inhibit virtual as well as physical realities more and more with their deterministic, binary algorithms and increasingly take on the characteristics of “heavy space”.


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The realization of the exhibition is kindly supported by Danish Arts Foundation.


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