Kunstraum to go

Born as a companion for your lockdown walks, we have developed Kunstraum to go, a series of playlists that will musically tune you into our program. Even if the stores are open again and we slowly find other hobbies than virology, you don't have to do without our playlists. Curated with love and a twinkle in our eyes, of course!

The Kunstraum to go playlists are compiled by Kunstraum accomplices and friends, artists and curators. Follow us on on our Spotify Account.


Kunstraum to got x Juliana Lindenhofer

With the theme Stages of Grief, Kunstraum Niedereoesterreich 2022 places collective as well as personal coping strategies in the spotlight of our annual programme. Juliana Lindenhofer has put together the appropriate sound for our playlist series Kunstraum to go. A soundtrack for overcoming trauma, grief, risk and dancing alone at home.

Image: © Andrea Lehsiak


Kunstraum to go x Lucreccia Quintanilla

Of course, we won't send you off into the autumn and winter months without a playlist! To accompany the exhibition Wake Words, Lucreccia Quintanilla has put together a playlist for our Kunstraum to go series. She drew inspiration for the song selection from the four different acoustic levels of the exhibition: Noise, Echo, Machine Error and Improvisation. The result is a playlist that invites you to put on your headphones and dive in deeply: A bit dark (after all, Halloween is coming up soon), a bit experimental electronic and of course a bit Björk.

In case the name already sounds familiar: Lucreccia Quintanilla is an artist, DJ and writer and, together with AM Kanngieser, has also contributed to the Wake Words audio publication, which you can both find on our podcast channels and purchase, including an edition of 3sechzig, at Kunstraum. We hope you enjoy listening!

Image: © Andrea Lehsiak


Kunstraum to go x cn (That Good Wibe Collective)

DJ cn (That Good Wibe Collective) has put together the playlist "mining sounds" for our format Kunstraum to go, with which you can already get in the mood for Sara Lanner's performance MINE and this year's H13 award ceremony. Inspired by the process of "mining", which plays a central role in Sara Lanner's project, but without any hammering!

Image: © Andrea Lehsiak


Kunstraum to go x Susie Flowers

Summer samba to the rescue! DJ Susie Flowers has put together a package for the new edition of our playlist series Kunstraum to go that brings summer feelings: Whether thunder, lightning, or temperatures beyond 30 degrees, this playlist sweetens even the odd hailstone. Have fun!

Image: © Andrea Lehsiak


Kunstraum to go x Christian Pausch

What does it mean to feel puzzled? Christian Pausch, editor and presenter at Radio FM4, dived deep into the meaning of this adjective when he was putting together the newest of our playlists Kunstraum to go. Our current show puzzled served him as a backdrop for his playlist: Check out his compilation including tracks by Ssion, Xiu Xiu and Grimes.

Image: © Andrea Lehsiak


Kunstraum to go x Claudia Lomoschitz

To get you in the mood for her performance project Partus Gyno Bitch Tits, Claudia Lomoschitz has compiled a playlist for Kunstraum to go. Conceptually, her playlist explores all kinds of milk, Claudia has told us, as her project does, too: from milk production of male mammary glands to witch’s milk. Enjoy!

Image: © Andrea Lehsiak


Kunstraum to go x Therese Terror

We start with Therese Terror, who, on the occasion of our anniversary performance series "Sweet Sixteen", has delved into the past - into Teenage Angst. Stay happy and healthy, take a walk and listen to Therese’s fantastic compilation!

Image: © Andrea Lehsiak

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