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Presentation/Workshop with David Roth


Artist David Roth explores his own taste in art – he introduces artworks by other artists who inspire him. Art is like travelling. In the beginning you are overrun by impressions; you get lost, discover new things, and become surprised – with each subsequent visit you know a bit more, where you really liked it, and what makes you happy. 

What you like is a matter of taste. Explore your own taste: That’s the opportunity that’s there for everyone, regardless of education or background. Sometimes the first impression can be deceiving. But in time it becomes clear whether something holds true in one’s personal perception or is already forgotten in the next moment. 

In his lecture series David Roth illustrates how this can flow into the practice of an artist: “I offer an insight into my personal memory of art, which accompanies me each day in the production of my own artistic work.”

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