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Performance Series #5 04 05 2017 - 17 09 2017

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Kunstraum Niederoesterreich – Performance Series #5
Exhibition, Performances, Workshops

Following the performance series  m e a n w h i l e … the Kunstraum continues to pursue its performance focus in 2017 with three new projects: the performance evening and exhibition Wie die sich wieder aufführen! by and with Julischka Stengele and Maren Blume, the performance evening Rosa und Louise – presented by the much-discussed women’s network Sorority – and the newly developed Performatorium are featured on this year’s agenda of the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.

Wie die sich wieder aufführen!
Julischka Stengele, Maren Blume

Performance evening and opening:       TH 04 05 2017, 7:00 pm
Exhibition duration:                                FR 05 05 – SA 13 05 2017

In their showcase Wie die sich wieder aufführen! Julischka Stengele & Maren Blume advocate the power of agency in very different ways – with physical effort. But the two artists who are active in the queer-feminist realm have something in common: They utilise their/the body as a carrier of lived experience when it comes to the exclusion or standardisation of representations, knowledge and its various forms, individuals, and not least the body itself. Objective: Agency!

Rebellious, outrageous, rude! Julischka Stengele places her own powerful body at the heart of her artistic work. In her performance Musenaufstand the artist breaks with ingrained viewing habits and points of view. She questions social positioning while shifting perspectives, inverting power relations, and staging new, unconventional settings. How does changing positions affect society and politics? How do humans define their place in their social environment? What makes them visible or invisible? Seeing or being seen?

Julischka Stengele inserts the full physical presence of her body into her artistic statements. Stengele, who has worked as a nude model for more than twelve years, stages her body as a sculptural object. The stage and the podium give her the opportunity to provoke an inversion of power relations. She exposes her body to the view of others, but the audience must expect that she will look back and apply the same judgements and standards as they do. She suspends levels and performs an inner position change. From the silenced muse emerges a self-confident individual. With a fine sense of humour, she counters conventional viewpoints and habits with own images: unorthodox, passionate, and empowering.

What convinced curator Christiane Krejs about the work of Stengele is how the artist breaks through the regime of the gaze and its hierarchies, while updating the incessantly burning question: What makes art art?

Body – Knowledge – Power: Maren Blume has long explored the interrelations of this triad. These investigations informed the artist’s interest in the body as an archive. Blume sees the body as a vessel for information, emotions, theories, or stories. In her research-oriented practice she is inspired by the performance theorist Diana Taylor and her notion of the body as “embodied” knowledge.

For the Kunstraum, Blume’s artistic position represents an exciting conceptual approach to the subject of the (performance) archive. She thematises and investigates the (im-)possibility of documenting performance and likewise the transfer and repetition of embodied cultural practices of knowledge and memory.

At the exhibition opening Maren Blume presents the performative lecture “But they don’t seem to go away”. She places the acting, speaking, feeling, and thinking body as an agent in the centre of knowledge production. Her performance oscillates in the hierarchies between academic text production, lived experience, art and its mediation.

Curator: Christiane Krejs
In the framework of the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich – Performance Series #5.

Sorority Performance Evening: femtrails X KRNOE:
Rosa und Louise – ein feministisches Manifest in dialogischer Form

By Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger
Performers: Ana Castaño Almendral & Sima Djabar Zadegan
Performance, drinks & music:                      FR 19 05 2017, 7:00 pm

In their performance Rosa und Louise – ein feministisches Manifest in dialogischer Form Ariane Koch and Sarina Scheidegger explore the networked world of feminist discourse. Since 2014 a continuously modified text, which was adapted to each specific exhibition situation in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, has been enacted by two performers and presented as a poster series in public space.

Ariane Koch and Sarina Scheidegger develop the dialogical manifesto collectively or on their own, non-linear and associatively; with the manifesto format they demand public attention without falling into the trap of the authoritarian, declamatory gesture of this text form. Rosa and Louise – be it as Rosa Parks and Louise Bourgeois or Rosa Anywoman and Louise Average Consumer – represent the polyphony of feminist practice.

The event is a collaboration between the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich and Sorority – Verein zur branchenübergreifenden Vernetzung und Karriereförderung von Frauen and is a part of the femtrails art and culture series. After the performance we invite you to feminist magic potions.

Curators: Katharina Brandl & Lena Lieselotte Schuster
In the framework of the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich – Performance Series #5.

Lab and Workshop Series for a Contemporary Performative Practice

TH 14 09 – SU 17 09 2017

Next dates: FR 20 10 2017, FR 01 12 2017


From speed dating to speech training, from exercises for a performative everyday to antifascist ballet.
How is art produced? How do artists develop their ideas? The Performatorium is a workshop series for performers aimed at all levels of artistic production. Instead of keeping “production” or “creation” behind locked doors, this workshop series offers space for the ephemeral, the transient, the processual. It is about exchanging with one another, sharing, learning from each other, and perhaps we can achieve a collective production of performative knowledge. In the Performatorium the performance scene is seen as a community.

Information about the programme and the workshop instructors will be regularly updated. Registration open beginning of April: office@kunstraum.net

Curators: Olivia Jaques & Marlies Surtmann
In the framework of the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich – Performance Series #5.