Kunst Raum Niederösterreich

Re- 19 06 2015 - 25 07 2015

  © Sebastian Gärtner, arrearagerase, 2012

Julia Amelie, Manuel Beck & Jeremias Altmann, Christina Beller, Marie-Anna Christine, Maria Cozma, Sebastian Gärtner, Maria Grün & Max Berner, Christiane Heidrich, Sebastian Kraner, Nika Kupyrova, Rick Lins, Johanna Odersky, Rick Reuther, Antonia Rippel-Stefanska, Anna Sophia Rußmann, Janine Schranz, Bastian Schwind, Jakob Zacharias Steiner, Loretta Fahrenholz, Gianna Virginia, Marit Wolters, Hui Ye, Dorothea Trappel


Curator: Franz Thalmair

Opening and book presentation: 18 06 2015, 7pm

From the appropriation, through the loop, to the quotation – the topic of reiteration is indispensable in current art production. The artists’ book and the eponymous exhibition “Re-” in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich go to the root of this transdisciplinary phenomenon. The principle of repetition in its various forms here not only serves as the basis of the content, but is also investigated as an artistic process and a method.
The starting point for “Re-” is the medium of the exhibition catalogue. The participating artists produce a book together, but without an exhibition having taken place beforehand. With the artists’ book “Re-” the reference to an artistic act, its documentation in the form of a publication, takes place before the artistic act itself. The effect comes before the cause, the copy before the original, the reaction before the action. With the book, the usual causalities are reversed in order to focus on reiteration as the motor of cultural production.
The eponymous exhibition in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich follows the publication of the artists’ book “Re-”. Because this show only takes place after the publication, it is not conceived as a usual group exhibition, in which the works documented in the book can be seen, but presents the participating artists’ contributions to the book in spatial form. Here the principle of reiteration is transferred from the book format to the exhibition format, with “Re-” being conceived of as a book presentation with installations, photographs, videos, objects and performative and linguistic methods. With the exhibition the effect no longer comes before the cause as with the printed work, but takes its place – the copy comes instead of the original and the reaction before the action.

“Re-” has been developed by students of the University of Applied Art Vienna as part of the seminar “Same Same But Different – Wiederholung I/II” (Department of TransArts – Transdisziplinäre Kunst) headed by Franz Thalmair. Alongside participants from the TransArts department, “Re-” includes students from the fields of language art, transmedia art and photography.

Artists’ book: “Re-”, ed Franz Thalmair for the University of Applied Art Vienna, Revolver Publishing, Berlin, 2015, 88 pages,  224 x 272 mm, thread stitching, offset print; with articles by Gerald Bast, Christiane Krejs, Ricarda Denzer / Jo Schmeiser / Nita Tandon (TransArts management team)
„Re-„ is a cooperation between Kunstraum Niederoesterreich and TransArts– Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien.

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