Kunst Raum Niederösterreich

„I multiplied myself to feel myself”¹ 24 10 2014 - 06 12 2014

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Anna Barfuss, Klaus vom Bruch, Sunah Choi, Michael Elmgreen, Henrik Olesen, Loretta Fahrenholz, Feminist Land Art Retreat, GCC, David Hockney, Kathi Hofer, Marcus Karkhof, Anna-Sophie Berger, Tanja Widmann, KERNEL, Kiki Kogelnik, Kalin Lindena, Josip Novosel, Jasper Spicero, Loretta Fahrenholz, John Skoog, Nora Rekade, Liesl Raff, Dario Wokurka, Catharina Wronn, Sarah Ortmeyer, Astrid Wagner


Curator: Barbara Rüdiger 
Assistant curator: Cathrin Mayer

On Intersections, Lines of Connection, Personal Networks and Accomplices

The exhibition „I multiplied myself to feel myself.” On Intersections, Lines of Connection, Personal Networks and Accomplices addresses collaboration in the artistic field as a method and strategy and concerns working relationships that extend the isolated process of creation. Particularly in the field of art, the personal “network” is identity shaping, economically indispensable and a promising breeding ground that constantly needs to be fed. Social networking on the web is the catalyst for this phenomenon – it serves as a means of improving professional efficiency and, as has been seen in recent years, influences artistic production and the concept of the work in many ways.
The exhibition sees itself as a setting in which international positions and webs of relationship are shown and on the other hand takes a look at the different forms of cooperation of young artists on the Vienna scene.

¹Fernando Pessoa


20 11 2014
further information: www.netpartyblog.tumblr.com

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