Kunst Raum Niederösterreich

S/HE IS THE ONE 25 10 2013 - 14 12 2013

Veronika Hauer & Nicole Miltner, In a manner of speaking, #2, 2013, Performance.

Veronika Hauer & Nicole Miltner, In a manner of speaking, #2, 2013, Performance.  © Veronika Hauer & Nicole Miltner

Bernadette Anzengruber, Elke Auer, Esther Straganz, Renate Bertlmann, Katrina Daschner, Carola Dertnig, VALIE EXPORT, Female Obsession, Nilbar Güres, Sanja Iveković, Suzie Léger, Roberta Lima, Anja Manfredi, Ursula Mayer, Ana Mendieta, Lilo Nein, Susanne Richter, Hans Scheirl, Toni Schmale, Saskia Te Nicklin, Mathilde ter Heijne, Amy Patton, Martha Wilson

Artists’ list performances:
Anna Ceeh/ Iv Toshain, Julia Danzinger/ Serena Lee, Iris Dittler, Fanni Futterknecht, Christina Gillinger, Veronika Hauer/ Nicole Miltner

The exhibition „S/HE IS THE ONE“ is dedicated to current performative artistic practices, embodiment strategies and their articulation in various media compared to historic positions of performance art. How is a different or a newly experienceable world produced through performances? How are methods of appropriation, deconstruction, construction, reformulation, transposition or translation applied? How much does performance in art serve as a method of articulating political, feminist questions or the role of authorship in direct confrontation with the audience?


Curated by: Ursula Maria Probst




24 10 2013, 19.00H Opening

Performance SUPER VÈRO
Book presentation Lilo Nein with Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
(Wenn Analysen Gedichte wären ...Arbeiten zwischen Text und Performance, Schlebrügge.Editor, Wien 2013)
DJANNE meshestomeshes


21 11 2013, 19.00H  during the VIENNA ART WEEK

Veronika Hauer/ Nicole Miltner, In a manner of speaking, #2
Christina Gillinger, An audience who cannot speak english is no audience
Anna Ceeh/ Iv Toshain (HOT) ВИЗИБЛ DJ feat. Chilo Eribenne


Christina Gillinger analyses hierarchies that develop through (supposed) knowledge, origin and language.

Anna Ceeh & Iv Toshian are presenting their performance "(HOT) ВИЗИБЛ".


27 11 2013, 19.00H

Julia Danzinger/ Serena Lee, Jeux d'eau
Iris Dittler, mind is as close as you come
Fanni Futterknecht, Sanfte Geste Sound: Tomate van Monte