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Since 2007 the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich has chosen performance art as one of the focuses of its programme. With the annual award of the H13 Lower Austria Performance Prize, the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich makes an essential and important
contribution to the support and further development of the contemporary performance scene. This prize is currently the only award for performance art in Austria!


Since the last year, the H13 is endowed  with €4,000. A budget of €2,000 (ex. VAT) is available for the performance.


The members of the Jury 2018 are:

- Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach (Media Artist)

- Peter Fritzenwallner (Artist)

- Christiane Krejs (Kunstraum Niederoesterreich)

- Sissi Makovec (Kunstraum Niederoesterreich)



The H13 is endowed with €4,000

The award-winning performance will be performed in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.
A budget of €2,000 (ex. VAT) is available for the performance.
Criteria for participation
The invitation to participate is directed at all artists who have lived and worked in Austria for at least two years.
The performances submitted should not have been performed in public before the planned date of the performance in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.
The applicant must be the author of the work submitted (Copyright Law § 10, para. 1).
Legal proceedings regarding the application are excluded. In making their application all applicants recognise the decision of the jury as final.

Jury Statement

With an exceptional intensity, Otto Krause and Milan Loviška work with unconventional formats and strategies, inspired by transdisciplinary research processes. Between aesthetic opulence and reduction, physically intense, atmospheric-imaginative works emerge, whose underlying concepts merge aspects of pop culture and science, such as superhero comics, psychology, pornography, biology, new electronic media, religion, film sciences, or philosophy. In their performative investigations the two artists generate strong sociopolitical statements, which are marked by an unmistakable artistic aesthetic.

The proposed project Furrious explores artistic processes of furrification and plushification in a physically intense performance, which walks the physical, spiritual, sexual and psychological borders between human and creature through the phenomenon of infantilisation.

Further informatiom about the perfoamce and prizegiving:

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