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“Cage with Uncontrolled Growth” and “Perfect Provisional Area”

“Cage with Uncontrolled Growth” and “Perfect Provisional Area”

Lois Weinberger and his plant sculptures

Philippe van Cauteren, Director of the SMAK, Gent

the artist is present

Lois Weinberger (*1947 in Stams, Tyrol) works on a network that directs attention to marginal areas. He sees himself as a field worker and in the 1970s started with ethnopoetic works, which form the basis for his artistic exploration of the space of nature and civilisation.

Ruderal plants, rubble flora, which touch all areas of our life, are the starting and orientation point for notes, drawings, photos, objects, texts, films and works in public space.

For Documenta X, Weinberger planted a disused 100-metre-long railway platform with neophytes from southern and south-eastern Europe, which became a metaphor for the migration processes of our time and whose poetic-political references point far beyond it. In Lower Austria, the “Garden” project was created as early as 2002 at the St Pölten provincial museum, and was adapted for the Rennes Biennial in 2012. In Gars am Kamp, his studio and the adjoining garden formed the starting point for numerous projects and works, including the “Ruderal Archive” (2008-2010).

His work has decisively influenced the new debates on art and nature from the 1990s until today.

Lois Weinberger
Ed. Philippe van Cauteren
Texts by Martin Engler, Tom Trevor, Philippe van Cauteren
Design by Herman Lelie and Stefania Bonelli, London
Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2013
ISBN 978-3-7757-3517-9

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