Archive: Sich mit dem Unterschied identifizieren - How to Identify with Difference?


Gespräch zur Kunst im öffentlichen Raum. Lectures and talks on "Doing Art in the Public Realm", curated by Elke Krasny


Lectures and talks on
"Doing Art in the Public Realm"

04.00pm - 09.00pm, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich

Ines Doujak, Künstlerin, Wien
Amelia Jones, Kunsthistorikerin/Kuratorin, Montréal
Elke Krasny, Kuratorin, Wien
Suzana Milevska, Kuratorin, Skopje
Maayan Sheleff, Kuratorin, Tel Aviv
Mechtild Widrich, Kunsthistorikerin, Zürich

In the context of globalized art production, history equally becomes a circulating resource and a challenge as how to address the specificities of local publics in the politics of remembrance. Articulations in public space, ranging from performances to monuments, are perceived as both, critical negotiators and crucial identifiers. The symposium ”How to Identify with Difference“ aims to foster transnational and cross-disciplinary exchange and debate about the legacy and contemporary redefinitions of feminist practices between art and activism navigating the troubled territories of identifications and the on-going negotiation of history in the public realm.

The lectures are in English.
Curated by Elke Krasny


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