Opening TechnoCare and Performance Ines Lechleitner with Alice Chauchat

As part of the opening of TechnoCare, dancer and choreographer, Alice Chauchat reacts to Ines Lechleitner’s graphic notation of human-horse interactions in Four To Two Feet – Chapter 3 (2019). Before the implementation of her work as a performance, Ines Lechleitner’s H like Horses, with Marion Mangelsdorf, stood as a collaborative artistic research project, in which the artist explored the possibilities of how humans and horses come into contact and break through the barriers between their species. Video footage followed the project, showing acts of empathy, hours of close examination and drawings.
In Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, chalk drawings are created on a black wall, which initiates the performance and documents it at the same time. During the performance, Alice Chauchat wears a paper maché shoulder blade reminiscent of the equine body. The performer thus becomes a borderline figure who is not a horse, not a human, not an artistic object, but the mediator of these parties. The installation and performance, which was previously shown at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, is renegotiated in each chapter, making human-animal relationships visible as a practice of mutual attention.
Care becomes visible here as cross-species fostering of relationships.
The performance will be part of our exhibition TechnoCare. Further information about the exhibition can be found here.


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