Lange Nacht der Museen - Lange Nacht der Virtualität

The Kunstraum Niederoesterreich is located directly in Vienna’s city centre. With its exhibitions, performances, and lectures it has evolved into a vital hotspot for contemporary art discourse.



In the current exhibition #fuckreality the Kunstraum focuses on a highly topical subject: virtual reality. It explores how artistic strategies challenge the promises of the digital world and reveal new modes of perception that counter the commercial interests of Google & co. On show: augmented/mixed reality environments and works employing headmounted VR displays or the fulldome. With works by artists[W1] , graduates, and students from the Department of Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.


The Long Night of Virtuality (6:00–9:00 pm)

Enter into the specially installed dome, connect with a HoloLense or VR headset, and experiment with the artificial worlds in the Kunstraum. A special highlight: The artists are present and look forward to questions and discussions.


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