Performance evening and Exhibition as part of the Performance series: m e a n w h i l e ...


Performance evening and Exhibition DO 15 09 2016 –7:00pm Exhibition duration: FR 16 09 2016 –SA 01 10 2016

Concept: Cornelia Fachinger, Lena Lieselotte Schuster

Artists: Cornelia Fachinger, Remigius Gnetner/Janine Maria Schneider, Lena Lieselotte Schuster, Georg Winter/S_A_R Projektbüro

Participation in the framework of the Long Night of Museums SA 01 10 2016


An exhibition space has to endurea lot. Things are installed and performed within it, exhibitions are opened, contacts are made, one shows art and shows off. It is an intersection point for success and failure, excitement andboredom, favour and disfavour. The exhibition space cannot withdraw. It is an archive.

Does an exhibition space change along with its permanentexposure to artistic expression? The subject of research is the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich itself, which is almost exemplary for these thoughts as relicts of a Roman settlement were uncovered during archaeological excavations in Palais Niederösterreich.

The measurement of the energy field by an energy healerand the graphic representation of the exhibition history of the Kunstraum will be the departure point for the artistic works.

The results form the departure point for a performative interaction of the place with all those who are involved in the exhibition: artists, visitors, historians, energy healers.


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